UM type Double Ram BOP

At present, our company has formed two series of well drilling blowout preventer device, well repair blowout preventer device, and we can meet the needs of users for well drilling, formation testing drilling, downhole operation and other well control needs. The products housing of our company is using forging and casting to make it, and with manual and hydraulic locking ways, so the user can choose according to their own needs different ways of connection.
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The Ram Blowout Preventer device come from Shanghai Ruitou Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd has U Type Ram Blowout Preventer, UM Type Ram Blowout Preventer, Mini U type Ram Blowout Preventer and S Type Ram Blowout Preventer.


Our company design and manufacture of Ram Blowout Preventer full compliance API 16A standard, and the Ram of BOP is equipped with a variety of sizes.


For example,the Ram structure of U Type Ram Blowout Preventer adopts the most advanced obround, all the seals are used high quality rubber seal, sealing performance is superior. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance,etc.

It is worth mentioning that, which the S Type Ram Blowout Preventer with a small size, light weight, powerful features at same time.

Nominal diameter:1-7/16" ~ 21-1/4″

Working pressure:2,000psi~15,000psi

Temperature regime:T20

Designed and manufactured according to specification of API 16 A

Drive mode: manual and hydraulic drive.


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